AiM: The Core of our Facility Management Solution

AiM Facility Management

AiM is the core of our facility management system.
Explore the AiM Solution elements below.

AiM Real Estate and Property Management

AiM Real Estate and Property Management software delivers a comprehensive business tool that enables facilities professionals and real estate managers to oversee every aspect of their portfolio, including real estate database management, lease management and tracking, property management, accounting, and budgeting.

AiM Space Management

AiM Space Management software provides accurate data to pinpoint the total cost of owned and leased space across an organisation.  AiM supports metrics that enable you to compare your organisation to similar institutions based on established standards, and you can accurately measure space and accurately track utilisation enterprise-wide.

AiM Operations & Maintenance

AiM’s operations and maintenance solution cuts through the complexity of the modern workplace. With AiM, your organisation can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve asset availability, limit equipment downtime, and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide.

AiM Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM)

AiM Capital Planning and Project Management helps organisations increase fiscal controls and improve financial accountability for capital projects, reduce their risk profile through improved regulatory compliance, and streamline capital planning and management processes to reduce CAPEX and improve rates of return from capital investments.  AiM tightly aligns capital planning and facilities maintenance, improving access to shared data, reducing costs, and promoting greater transparency across the organisation.

AiM Energy Management

AiM Energy Management leverages a unique feature set that enables organisations to identify energy inefficiencies and squeeze greater savings from their current energy management program by blending energy management and feature-rich business intelligence in a single, fully-integrated package.

Assessment and Needs Analysis

Facilities Managers looking for more credible assessment data can use AiM’s Assessment and Needs Analysis software which allows them to store both asset lifecycle and deficiency data within our industry-leading IWMS platform. Quality control of their information increases, benchmarking of the information becomes possible, and the access to credible data for long-range strategic planning and budgeting becomes a reality.

AiM Asset Rental

Asset Rental managers have visibility to assets accessible in a visual “Gantt-like” chart to quickly make decisions on reservations. Integration with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) allows tagging rental costs to work orders if needed and scheduling maintenance without the need for another system. Rental rates can be set up based on duration, meter readings, percentages, or fixed fees.

AiM AssetSync

AssetSync is a feature that allows importing and exporting asset data to and from AiM. This allows you to “bulk” load asset data into AiM, as well as to manipulate asset data outside of AiM via a standard, easy-to-use spreadsheet format.


COBie is a performance-based standard for facility asset information delivery. The COBie Import feature of AiM can automate the process of creating property and asset records using this widely accepted data standard.

AiM Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

AiM EH&S is focused on tracking your hazardous materials, whether these substances are present in building materials (such as lead), or are caustic agents stored in containers (such as refrigerants). Hazardous material disbursements, recovery, disposal and in/out transfers are all tracked with this module.


AiM GIS integration allows for easy access to maps for all AiM users without having to learn GIS. AiM-specific data elements can be tracked via new layers without affecting the original GIS maps or systems. GIS allows pinpointing job locations and assets on a map for quick and easy location.

AiM Green & Sustainability

With AiM’s Green and Sustainability module, Sustainability managers struggling with websites to manage “green” projects and manually pulling and scoring green initiatives from siloed systems can seamlessly track all requirements in the same system as Capital Projects, Purchasing, Materials management, and Operations and Maintenance. Sustainability is no longer an “add-on” with AiM; it is integrated into the process of doing projects and jobs.

AiM IQ (Reporting & Business Intelligence)

IQ is a business intelligence solution that empowers the facility professional with data insights they can translate into actionable information. The solution helps identify operational trends, process constraints, and provide benchmarking which have impact at many levels of a facilities organisation.

AiM Key & Access Control

Facilities Managers focused on Access Controls should consider using AiM’s Key and Access Control module. AiM helps shop personnel track access locations, cores, locks and keys (to include key copies and rings) and helps reduce the fear of rogue keys by taking control of the release/return process. Campus Security officials concerned with the over authorisation of access would benefit from AiM’s Key and Access Control software. Knowing exactly what space is opened before keys are released is essential for effective control. Integration with our Space Management system allows graphical, floor-plan style reports that can quickly allow the proper decisions to be made.

AiM Lease Management

With AiM's Lease Management module, Lease managers benefit by being integrated to the Property and Space Management system, thereby staying current with location changes and m² data, leading to more accurate leased area management and forecasting. Lease managers can automate the invoice/payment process, removing the resource-intensive manual paperwork or data entry that is fraught with errors and often missing information.

AiM Motor Pool

The AiM Motor Pool module provides visibility to accessible vehicles in a visual “Gantt-like” chart to quickly make decisions. Integration with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) allows tagging rental costs to work orders if needed and scheduling maintenance without the need for another system. Rental rates can be set up based on duration, meter readings, percentages, or fixed fees.


Enjoy all the benefits of Single Sign On (SSO) with AiM including increased user convenience and productivity, improved security compliance and reduced help desk costs. Although AiM supports common authentication out-of-the-box for LDAP, AiM SSO offers licensable options for SSO with Shibboleth and CAS (Central Authentication Service) that require some minimal services packages to tailor to your SSO deployment.

AiM Work Order Estimating

With AiM’s Estimating module, Estimators can be automatically tied to the projects and job to which they are providing estimates, eliminating the need to transcribe or export completed estimates from a silo system. Multi-price book support provides the institution flexibility for emerging standards and historical price book usage.

ReADY, AiM & Go Software Products

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ReADY connects your customers to your organisation. AiM equips facilities staff to manage campus issues, and Go brings mobile solutions to workers in the field. Click the icons below to explore our other products.

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