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Who We Are

AssetWorks is a software provider focused on solutions for Estate and Facility Management for UK, Australia and New Zealand Universities. A veteran team with 25+ years of domain experience, we are dedicated to continuous innovation that addresses the unique needs of colleges and universities. At AssetWorks, we’re more than just an enterprise software company; we’re a family dedicated to the successful management of your campus.

Whom We Serve

For decades, AssetWorks has been helping 100's of the largest colleges and universities in the world, most of whom have been customers for more than 10 years, enhance the student, staff, and visitor experience.

AssetWorks Software Solutions

We offer a fully integrated, purpose-built solution specifically designed to manage the entire facilities and estate life cycle.  

Our completeness of vision provides a truly integrated solution eliminating operational and information silos.

Facility Management Software

AssetWorks provides world-class estate management software solutions for public organisations with extensive and diverse facility portfolios. Estate Management software is a vital tool to efficiently maintain estates so that employees can focus on their jobs and the goals of the organisation.

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Asset Inventory & Capital Budgeting

Our Asset Inventory and Capital Budgeting solution empowers your team to collect and deliver data that is accurate, complete, timely, and actionable, enabling your strategic planning team to move toward true data-driven decision-making.

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Space Management Software

Space Management Software is a powerful tool for space managers illuminating how your organisation uses its physical spaces. A space management system helps managers visualise occupancy, make informed decisions, manage growth, and plan for future space needs.

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Asset Management

Asset Management Software supports the lifecycle management of physical resources at your facilities, making it easier for everyone within your organisation to view available assets, assess their condition, and understand the inventory and buildings under your care.

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AiM Facilities Management

The "AiM" product is the core of our facility management system.
AiM has 5 distinct pillars that can be combined based on your specific needs.
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AiM Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Efficiently manage people, facilities, space, equipment, and materials with AiM O&M

AiM’s operations and maintenance solution cuts through the complexity of the modern workplace. With AiM O&M, your organisation can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve asset availability, limit equipment downtime, and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide.

AiM Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM)

Balance capital priorities with fiscal constraints and track projects to the most minute detail

Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) Software is an essential tool for capital planners, directors of design and construction, and project managers at large organisations to plan and manage the construction of new facilities and facility renovations. CPPM systems help managers with capital planning, budgeting and funding, bidding and procurement, tracking project costs, scheduling, project documentation and much more.

AiM Space Management

Bring greater visibility, accountability, transparency and optimisation to your organisation

AiM Space Management software provides accurate data to pinpoint the total cost of owned and leased space across an organisation. AiM supports metrics that enable you to compare your organisation to similar institutions based on established standards. You can use AiM Space to measure space  and accurately track utilisation enterprise-wide.

AiM Real Estate and Property Management

Respond to greater management scrutiny and meet elevated expectations of performance with our real estate management

AiM Real Estate and Property Management software enable facilities professionals and real estate managers to oversee every aspect of their portfolio including real estate database management, lease management and tracking, property management and accounting, and maintenance management and budgeting.

AiM Energy Management

Track, analyse, manage and report on energy consumption and allocate utility costs using a single tool with AIM energy management software

AiM Energy Management enables organisations to identify energy inefficiencies and squeeze considerable savings from their current energy management program by blending energy management and feature-rich business intelligence in a single, fully-integrated package.

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Go Mobile Apps

Enhance the agility and productivity of your field workforce

Go mobile apps empower your field personnel and technicians to be right where the action is. Offering the right blend of functionality and usability, Go mobile apps make your people more agile, flexible and productive. And that’s good for your bottom line.

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ReADY Campus Engagement

Engage with Your Campus Community

ReADY Campus Engagement products are user-friendly, integrated solutions that connect you with your campus community to improve the customer experience for students, staff, and visitors.

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Success Stories

We are proud to play a role in our customers’ successes. Their stories are testaments to the strong partnership formed with every customer.

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A New Age for Facilities Customer Service: Making the Case for ReADY Request

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Embracing Technology

Caltech: Embracing Technological Advances

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efficiencies returns Money

Appalachian State University: Pioneering Spirit Drives New Efficiencies

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